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Pruthvi seeds was visiblised by Mr.kiran vaghela in the year 2007, at Anand, Gujarat state, india. Pruthvi Seeds has made rapid advances from seed production and supply ventures to a commendable position in Research and Development (R&D) and transformed as Pruthvi Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. in 2010. As experts in genetic improvement Pruthvi seeds see itself as a key player in the economic and ecological environment. Thanks to a wide and diverse network of field trials in the many multi-location trial where it has subsidiaries, Pruthvi seeds identify the varieties best adapted to the various needs and requirements of its clients.

We build unique customer relationships and share products, concepts and expertise with the professional horticultural production industry and supply chain. With an extensive range of field crops and present in all major vegetable production areas in India.

Pruthvi seeds not only take care of customer’s need but also try to develop such hybrids which contribute towards nature by its water use efficiency and maintain or even improve soil productivity. Pruthvi seeds help to preserve biodiversity through the conservation of germplasm.